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UV Tape

UV Tape

Scapa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of single and double sided pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and foams which incorporate different levels of ultraviolet (UV) resistance and are ideal for harsh application environments and use conditions. Our products are proudly made in our Ashton, UK, Valence, France, Renfrew ON, Canada and Windsor, CT USA manufacturing facilities. Scapa offers:

They are also called: UV protection tape, UV protective tape, UV resistant poly tape, UV resistant duct tape and ultraviolet tape.

What is UV Tape?

UV tapes offer specific features and properties that allow them to work well in direct sunlight and other demanding external environments.

Weathering and UV light exposure can have a severe impact on many adhesive systems. This can cause them to degrade over time when exposed to the high temperatures and stressful use conditions that can result in their bond ultimately failing.  Applications which require bonding or masking to glass or plastic in direct sunlight temporarily or permanently call for UV tapes that ensure an appropriate UV resistant adhesive system, particularly modified rubber, acrylic or silicone which our UV tape portfolio encompasses.  

Applications for UV Tape

Scapa UV tapes come in a wide selection of product types specifically engineered for harsh environments and challenging temporary and permanent applications across a broad range of industries.

Examples of applications where Scapa's UV tapes are used include:

Markets for UV Tape

Scapa UV tapes have been successfully used across a wide range of industries and sub-markets where reliable UV resistant tape is required, including:

Product Benefits of UV Tape

Scapa UV tapes are specifically designed to cope with the demands of external environments where the tape application is in contact with prolonged UV light exposure.

Some of the features and benefits of using Scapa UV tapes are: 

•     Continued strong adhesive bond to multiple surface types despite prolonged exposure to UV
•     Some products can be removed after time, with clean removal
•     Scapa UV tapes can perform in different climatic conditions where specific products are recommended for certain applications
•     Scapa PE tapes with UV properties are an ideal alternative to traditional cloth duct tapes

UV Tape Technical Information

UV tapes from Scapa come in various different materials, widths, lengths, and thicknesses. Technical details on some of our key UV tape ranges include the following:

•     Scapa UVX10 is a 135 micron robust PE film tape, coated with an acrylic adhesive system for high tack and adhesion to textured powder coated aluminium profiles that be removed cleanly after up to six months of use
•     Scapa Acrylic Foam Tapes are available in a full range of colours, thicknesses, release liners and dimensional formats allow for precision in application 
•     Scapa single sided foam compression sealant range is available from 0.8mm to 15mm thickness, and in widths from 6mm up to a log width of ~1,200mm
•     Scapa double sided foam bonding portfolio consists of 0.4mm to 6.5mm thickness, and in widths from 6mm up to log width of ~1,200mm
•     Standard sizes for PIB and EPR self-amalgamating are 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm widths and 100m in 10 metre lengths. Other sizes are available on request

Why Choose Scapa for UV Tape?

Scapa Industrial is a global manufacturer and supplier of UV tape with vast experience and product expertise. Scapa understands its markets, utilises quality standards and excels at product development.

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